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 NorthWest Pole Bending Incentives

Open to WA, OR, and ID!
Pick the option that works for you.

Please be advised:

wsbri does not offer refunds for nominations.

Year End Incentive:

Nomination fee: $50.00

This option is designed for those that attend races where the open poles is paid out in a D format.

How it works:

1. Nominate your horse for a one time per year fee of $50

2. Submit your winnings from any open poles race that pays off in at least a 3D format via a picture of race results to the number provided when you nominate

3. We will record your earnings and place you in our year end standings

4. A minimum of the top 20% of money earners will get paid


1. Once you nominate, a text will be sent to you.  That will be the phone number to submit your results to. This will be a different phone number than the barrel incentives!

2. All other rules are the same as the Barrel Incentive rules. 

3. We are not offering giveaways, sidepots, or awards at this time for the pole incentives.

Quarterly Incentive:

Entry Fee: $30.00 per quarter

This option is designed for those who attend a series that is divided into age groups, award points instead of money, or is about recording times such as state games clubs.

How it works:

1. Pay the quarterly entry fee of $30 per quarter you wish to enter.

2. Submit your times per run or wait and submit your best time at the end of the quarter.

3. We will place your fastest time in our virtual jackpot and pay off the race in a 4 or 5D payout depending on entries for that quarter.

4. We will send you a check if you win!

5. Refer a friend, and get $5 off your next quarterly poles entry!


1. Must pay $30 per quarter per horse you wish to enter

2. No Late fees

3. Entry fee must be paid BEFORE times will count.

4. Times must be submitted via picture of results sheet.

5. Must be run on a regulation AQHA pole pattern

6. Multiple times may be submitted throughout the quarter, but we will use your fastest time for the 4/5D standings.

7. Races will be paid out based on number of entries: Less than 25 will be paid out in a 4D.

8. D's will be split as follows...

         4D- 2 second splits

         5D- 2 sec, 1.5 sec, 1.5 sec, 1.5 sec

9. A horse may be shared, but must be entered separately for each rider.

10. Winnings will count toward year end incentive if nominated

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Year End Incentive

Quarter 4 Incentive: Oct - dec