Photo by Carli Davis Portraits


The ultimate goal: Create approachable, affordable incentives for Washington barrel racers. 

We have found that a lot of local barrel racers are excited by the idea of finally being able to be a part of an incentive. It is a small minority of people that have horses eligible for or are able to pay into multiple expensive incentives, and that is leaving a majority of Washington's barrel racers out of something they would love to be a part of. Our mission is to create an incentive for every Washington barrel racer from every level of competition. 

How it works:

To be a part of our incentive, you pay a once a year nomination fee per horse. Every time you win money in an open barrel race that is open to every aged horse and rider and pays out in a 4 or 5d format, you take a picture of the results with your phone and text the picture to WSBRI. We will record your earnings throughout the year on each horse that you nominate, and you will be placed in the year end standings based on your total submitted winnings for that year.

No penalties for missing a year, no nomination deadline.

Why should you nominate?

1. You have three extra chances to make money from going to your favorite barrel races through out the year. WSBRI offers an incentive for the entire state of Washington, the East side, and the West side. That means that if you don't plan on traveling over the mountains this year, you don't have to! There is an incentive made just for you. 


2. Be in the know about every barrel race. Our website has a calendar that includes every race in Washington state. No more searching Facebook to find races!

3. Be eligible for monthly drawings that include door prizes and much more. The more incentives you are in, the bigger your chance to win! Only nominees are eligible.

4. We will give back to a race in your area by adding a WSBRI side pot to the race. You have a voice and will get to vote on which race we choose!