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The ultimate goal: Create approachable, affordable incentives for Washington barrel racers. 

We have found that a lot of local barrel racers are excited by the idea of finally being able to be a part of an incentive. It is a small minority of people that have horses eligible for or are able to pay into multiple expensive incentives, and that is leaving a majority of Washington's barrel racers out of something they would love to be a part of. Our mission is to create an incentive for every Washington barrel racer from every level of competition. 

How it works:

To be a part of our incentive, you pay a once a year nomination fee per horse. Every time you win money in an open barrel race that is open to every aged horse and rider and pays out in a 4 or 5d format, you take a picture of the results with your phone and text the picture to WSBRI. We will record your earnings throughout the year on each horse that you nominate, and you will be placed in the year end standings based on your total submitted winnings for that year.

No penalties for missing a year, no nomination deadline.

About Us: Our Farm

meet the founders

Linzie Walker-Lindsey

I grew up barrel racing in the Northwest. My first equistats earning is from the VGBRA in 1992 as a peewee. My family has raised, trained and competed on NW horses all across the country. Horses by the name of Feature Stretch, Derby Dancein Jo Han and Azura Dude are not forgotten by those that had to compete against them.

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 1.23.44 PM.png

I grew up running in the WBRA, EBRA and local games clubs. Today I still enjoy gaming with my parents and daughter Charlotte, and traveling the country running futurity horses. My first futurity horse was Watch Flit Flight in 2001. I have started my own breeding program off of that mare and today I am competing on her grandbabies.

The stallion incentives were a big draw for me when picking stallions to breed my mare to. I am proud to be from the Northwest and I feel like we have some of the best horses and people in the industry up here. I know we have some of the best race producers around and wanted to create something to help grow our great NW industry. That spurred the decision to start this incentive program, and I hope it has a positive impact on the Northwest and the barrel racing industry for years to come.

Kayli Beidler

From the time I was two years old, I have loved to be on the back of a horse. I grew up gaming in Washington State. My first good horse was a grade Morgan mare named Annie. She won me 5 saddles in the games events, and she ultimately kickstarted my competitive urge to do more. I went on to start barrel racing when I was 15, and I got my first training horse, Cooper. He is to this day a dream come true, and he taught me to love this sport!


Since then I’ve had the pleasure of riding some great horses, and I’ve been blessed with the best mentor (who is now my business partner; wink, wink!). I’ve competed in countless Washington races, and I’ve learned to love this wonderful community that is Washington barrel racers! I’ve also learned that the Pacific Northwest offers more to the barrel-racing world than most people recognize.

That’s where this program comes in. Linzie and I are passionate about and dedicated to making this industry that we love bigger and better and getting it the recognition it deserves! Our mission will remain the same: To show everyone what our corner of the world has to offer, and to allow you the opportunity to be a part of an exciting incentive and win the money you deserve. We are beyond grateful to be actively bringing our Northwest barrel racer community further together.

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